Ursa Major

It was one of those rare, clear summer evenings in the Ozarks, most evenings are “close” …high humidity and thus hazy.
We took my car, the Granada…a sled, but nonetheless it got better mileage than her Plymouth…we drove to the country
Out by where she had her ancient Arabian horse pastured, and we laid on the hood of the Granada…She was in an astronomy class with Dr. Northrup, we both worshiped the ground the man trod upon. “ look Pegasus…Orion, see the belt? There, low on the horizon, Ursa Major, can you see the bear”
Nope, I sure could not see what she was seeing, but she knew darn near every constellation in the sky…after reading a 100 level book on astronomy and attending half a semester summer class with Dr. Northrup.
She was having one of those special moments, she was getting to feed back what she knew, one on one to someone who cared.
And I did.
I cared about her passion.
I cared about her being with me.
I cared that she was probably the most intelligent person I knew.
I loved her.
I could pick out the big dipper and Orion’s Belt…beyond that, it was all up to her.
We stayed “till 4:00 AM.
I was in love
I forgot to tell her
Now it’s too late
I still can’t find Ursa Major
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6 Responses Jan 27, 2012

lovely :)

that was lovely reading!

So beautiful..

I think it makes you stop to think all the missed oppertunites and to make the most of what you should have then. hug that memory for it taught you more than you know. for it taught you value of the moment hold it closs. thanks for writing Mist

I hope it made you smile... It brings tears to me...both joyous and sad...I'm glad you liked it.

That story so reminds me of my nap. Except for the forgetting to say "I love you" part. :)