How Will Subroto Live Without Bisti

Oh its a special feeling
These moments between us
Hard for us to say
It was so hard for us to say
Can't close a day by day
But Then the world's got me in way
that, which was beyond words,
which filled the emptiness,
something was there between you and me..
what turn should I give to this relation,
should I break this relation,
or should I leave it, in between-
that nameless relationship,
which makes (you and me) restless,
which cannot be described (in words),
in between, in between...

there was something in between you and me..
Your shadows (are there) in my eyes,

Even if I want, there cannot be
distance from your memories..
even after going you don't go,
you stay in my heart
becoming a wish, why?
why do I remember you,
I end and I be again,
where have you brought me...
on which you and me walked,
all those paths are missing,

how to find the destination now..
nights are like mourning.. (not morning)
days also come sadly..
all the gatherings are silent..
don't trouble so much, don't come to my memory
in such a way that tears only become my language...

How will I live without U...
AryaRain AryaRain
22-25, M
May 19, 2012