Quotes = Inspiration + Strength

Once I begin reading (thats in my I love reading group) well I fell in love with words how you can mold them and sting them together create meaning and life to feelings, thoughts, descriptions, anything! I wanted to be a writer, back then and I would fill notes with picture prompts, stories, fantasies, and sometimes just memories I wanted to make sure I remembered to put in my memoir. Somewhere along the way between the end of high school and the beginning of college I found quotes. It’s not as if I did not know they existed before I realized other people’s words could be used to express the thoughts or feelings I was experiencing (without being accused of plagiarizing).. and that’s when it started.. quotes on my phone voicemail, written on the wall in my bedroom, on the books I used for my books, in my speeches for class or just in my everyday language just because. Now a days I use quotes as sources of inspiration along with Prayer to help me get through the tough moments, to help me capture the happy times, and to say something I want to say (especially to a know it) that an elite thinker has already said and I can get away with repeating and it finally be given credence.

The newest quote I have fallen in love is “Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination” J. Dewey (*z*)
SatinCherryBlossom SatinCherryBlossom
22-25, F
Jun 29, 2012