I'm Addicted...

I'm addicted to collecting quotes. As soon as I see a valid, or a meaningful one, I jump up, grab my pen, a piece of paper, jot it down, and tape it onto my bedroom wall. My walls are covered in quotes. It sometimes throws people off and makes them lose concentration on what they're doing while in there. I actually love it though. When I'm falling asleep, or having a bad day, I just lay there and look around for all the reason to get up and do something about how I'm feeling. It's like... Having inspiration everywhere, whispering to me about how much better I could do if I just had that one inspiration. And if I didn't, to get out and to look for one.
Loveonhersleeves Loveonhersleeves
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I love collecting quotes too. I think its very cool that like to tape all your favorite quotes on your wall. I think it's a good idea. :)