Without Condtn!...

Dear, all deals should be simple
Either me to get you or you to lose me
Come, let's do this deal of hearts, why are you upset
Come on dear
This is the deal of heart, you may do it
My love, please fill me in your arms
Let's swear on this deal
Dear, remain in my eyes and beautify it
This is the deal of flight
Or the sky
You may take my flight
Take my wings too
This is the deal of faith
Of dreams and sleeps
You may take my sleep away
Make my eyes your home
My heart says, gently steal the talk from your lips
Instead, slowly fill them with songs
The deal is of poems
And the relation of the heart
You may take my songs
Make your lips their home
The deal is of the light
HaiIs of bright thoughts
You may take my light
Come, take my sight too

I will never forget you
Even if you forget me
You are a habit of mine
How can I forget my habit
This deal is of promises
Of memories and thoughts
You may take all the promises
Even decline them
The deal is of hints
Of blow of desires
You may take my hints
And its result too

AryaRain AryaRain
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

ok iam ready ,,,do you have courage,,,,,... rpy mst///