The Robber

jide met betty in the higher institution, they fell in love three months after their meeting, they both finished the same year, went for NYSC and immediately after the NYSC, Jide told betty he has gotten a job with First Bank that the salary is 150,000 per month. The lady was happy bcos the money will help them plane their marriage ceremony very fast. They did the introduction, both party parents met and fixed a date for the marriage proper.two days later, Jide told betty that he is going on business trip to Lagos. On that same day, Betty's father told his family that they will be visiting their own town Oshogbo for a week and betty did not notify Jide. They all were actually living in Port Harcourt. The second night of their stay at Osogbo,armed robbers came into their compound base on information they were given that a rich man will be coming in that week. The armed robbers were 5 in numbers, get into the building and were almost making away with 2million naira cash wen the marsk one of them was putting on fell off. Guess who the person was, it was the banker Jide. If u were Betty what will u do?
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31-35, M
Dec 6, 2012