U Is Me, Mine...

I don't know what part of you is me, mine..
but stranger, you feel like my own..
Eyes have said their story to eyes,
and told you the secret,
in my arms, the joy of heaven has come,
now that you're kind to me..
body got introduced to body such,
that we became friends till the soul..
now that we walked a few steps together,
I have got to know life..
When it gets you,
the heart smiles,
what's my relation with you,
what do I look for in you..
what do I ask for from you..
What all is there in you that's mine..
you're unknown, you're unrelated,
then why do you feel like related..
when you're sleeping, in a deep sleep,
then why do you wake in me..
I don't know what relationship with you is me, mine...

AryaRain AryaRain
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

really you dont an..