One Of My Most Favorite Quotes

“If they drive God from the earth, we shall shelter Him underground.”

this is my favorite quote from Russian writer Feodor Dostoyevsky. Dostoyevsky was a committed christian and loyal czarist in a time when many of his nation's writers and intellectuals were becoming atheists, marxists, and anarchists. to me, it is him telling the atheists that they will never destroy God. he is also telling them that they will never destroy God's influence on world history, no matter how much they try. as God is the creator of all things, the only way that he could be driven from the earth would be to literally destroy everything in existence, including the earth itself. it also is him telling them that they can stop people from worshiping in public, but that worship of the Lord will then revert back to being an underground movement, like it was in the early days under the Roman Emperors.
wantstolearn10 wantstolearn10
18-21, M
Feb 4, 2013