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A Magician Story

Once in India there lived a Magician, wandering from village to village inorder to setup stages and show magic to people.
Every where he went, he used to show his best trick first for free. Poor villagers thought he had amazing tricks in his bag still left, and bought tickets for his show which happens to be only one in the village.
Soon the villagers came to know the show is no where matching the magicians first trick, insulted, shouted and kicks him out of the village.
But the magician happily comes out of the village with bag full of money, which he gets by selling tickets for his show and starts heading for another village.

The magician is never interested to amuse people, his sole purpose is to make money which he did wonderfully.
Poor villagers loose their money and hope.

Now one fine day, there comes another magician and shows two tricks which are more creative than the former. What happens, second magician gets kicked out with bag full of money.

So, every time someone shines and shouts of his success and says he is the best, beware, you enjoy his first trick and never Buy tickets for his show. Because you will be disappointed.

I hope guys you enjoyed this story and found out the essence.
Vision2Fly Vision2Fly 26-30, M Feb 12, 2013

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