Damaged People Are Dangerous. They Know They Can Survive!

I love that quote. I want to reach that point
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Here's a quote - "To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world".

-I don't know

As a damaged person i do agree with that quote

What damaged you? If its ok me asking

Life in general I'd say...I've had a lot of responsabilities since I was kid...taking care of my brother and "sisters" then I kinda raised my nephew (he even asked me if he could call me mom when I was 18 or so) I had to deal with some stuff of my own at school (crappy teacher sending me to the wrong one because I had trouble keeping up) but still I made it to college and once there I thought it'd be over since the nephew was old enough and that he now has a good step mom. But nope...Others stuff came along, Death came back again...so I lost many people I loved, and I had to make sure that those who were alive could handle it. I had to protect my little cousin from some crazy ***** their dad wanted to be with instead of their mom...and on the top of that I didn't make it at college either no matter how smart the teachers seem to think I was. So I saw my Dream and plan of life just fall down right in front of my eyes and not able to stop it...Kinda had my hands full. And the funny part is everybody's right now...I mean my family's okay they're all safe despite of the losses. But me...I couldn't handle it so last year I just did a big fat depression. Or maybe I was into it before...just didn't realized it since I had a lot to deal with. But last year I felt it deep so I thought I can't live like that I have to heal or die. So I chose to live and get some medication and therapy...Turns out it was interesting but the bullshit I expected (former psychology student lol I know the tricks so...). And I don't I just got back to what I was I used my anger to get up...it was hard to handle it first but I'm using it to kick into the world I want. And this time...I won't let anything stand between me and my Dream...New plans came along and always will...but if I manage to survive my own will to die then anything's possible. So yeah...damaged person are dangerous because they know how to survive since they already did it once. All I know is I'm not ever going back there. Depression was too much. I can handle any crap life throws at me now. I'm not saying I won't fall again. All I'm saying is I'll never stay down as long as I did last time and lose that will to fight.