Rachel's Challenege

"I have this theory that if one person goes out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same." -Rachel Joy Scott


If you've seen the presentation Rachel's Challenege, then you know what a lasting impact such a terrible tragedy can have on the lives of all of us. If you haven't, its about the shootings the happend at Columbine High School, in April of 1999. Two boys, Harris and Kleebold went on a violent rampage throughout the school, shooting and killing 15 students and alumni, including themselves. These boys influenced by the legacy of Adolf Hitler, had no particular victims in mind, their only plan was to kill as many people as they could. Rachel, the first brave victim was asked an astonishing question directlly before being shot. Harris and Kleebold spoke only once, asking Rachel if she beleived in God, aftrer saying yes, but without giving her time to utter another word, before they blew her away.

That Amazing yes, lives on in the hearts of all of us. After the presentation at my school I definitlly saw a change in myself, as well as the students, and even some of the teachers at my High School. Rachel was only 17, but she knew that she was going to make a difference, and she did. According to the testomony of one of Rachel's close friends, she saved his life. He was considering commiting suicide, because of the way people picked on him, after Rachel rescued him from his enemies, he decided not to go through with the plan. Rachel wrote on the back of her dresser, which was only found months after her death "These hands will make a difference and touch the lifes of thousands". This was found along with the outline of her hands. At her funeral, the most veiwed of all time, kids were priviliged with being able to sign her coffin, as a token of appreciation for her touching our lifes.

At the end of the presentation some of the students were in tears. I was one of them. I realized right then that I needed to change a lot about the way my life was going. The previous year I had gotten into fights,skipped school, and made terrible grades. I had always thought it was too late to change, but Rachel showed me that It is never to late to make a difference. Even at 17, I too can make a difference, and I feel like I will. That next year I made the honor roll, became friends with my worst enemy, and gave my heart to God. After countless times of going to the alter and not feeling anything, I realized that God wasn't about emotion. I had been going to church since my Freshman year of High School, shortly after the Christmas Holidays. And I had always been too shy to go up to the alter and ask for repentence. My cell-group leader became a hero in my life by sitting down and talking to me about some of the problems I had been having, especially with a certain boy. She told me to pretend that she were him and tell her exactlly what I thought. When I told her she burst into histarical laughter, that kind thats contagious. She, and Rachel made me realize that its not about a feeling, but a commitment. God was waiting for me to invite him into my heart, he''d been knocking for a long time but I would often get discouraged because of things portrayed by the media that weren't realistic at all.(Such as you get transformed immediately after being saved) When I went up to the alter I felt the first thing I had felt since coming to church. I felt the God inside of me, and now I have him to guide me in what to do when times get hard. Later that year, after church camp, I went up to the alter and shared my own testomonial, something I never would have done just a year ago, as i was painfully shy but also something I will never forget. Even later that year I found out something even more astonishing. Our church beleives that you have two names. One given to you at birth by your parents and one given to you by God, because of your character. My name was Rachel.

One of Rachels beleifs was the practice random acts of kindness, and I have adopted this same theory. It only takes one person to make a difference in someones life. Without Rachel, the life of her friend would have been lost due to suicide, and without my cell-group leader who knows where I would be today. I would probably still be the same lonely girl filled with hatred and malice I am glad I changed for the better. your past doesn't define who you are. This is my own personal quote that I try to live by...

"And that's just what happens, you've got to move on with life, there are no endings"-AMB

Rachel influenced my life, and I Hope to someday influence the lifes of others. Read my other stories to learn about what I want to do with my life, and what has happend in the past to make me stronger. If you want to know more just message me, or if Rachel has influenced your life in any way, go to her website, listed above, and share the experiencce!

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Feb 8, 2010