Who Said That.....

     I absolutely love quotes.  You can quote me on that.  Is it ok to give a quote and not say where it's from?  "I am sorry that I have but one wife to give for my party."  Who said that?  I don't have the fogeiest idea.  Did I get that right?   The problem with quotes is that I should remember who said them and give credit for them.  The good thing about quotes is that if I don't remember who the hell said them, I can do anything I want to them. 

    I absolutely lov..........er.........never mind.  I already said that.  Someone once said, "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!"  Am I safe if I have a bad hangover?  "A penny saved is a penny owed."  That doesn't make sense.  If I saved a penny, why should I give it to some other idiot.  He can save his own.  If I am only saving a penny, I need a better job.  You can quote me on that.

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Hahahaha.<br />
<br />
That means; until you were about 6 years old.<br />
<br />

Bcj, I NEVER did that to my father. What I mean is, I never did that until I was old enough to know what ***** you* meant. LOL

My late dad used to say to us boys, "you say, yes dad, but I know what you are thinking. You are thinking - **** you, dad"

I know, cabcraft, "quotes" are not so so funny when someone gets hurt.

Honeybit, do you mean *crazy, ha, ha, ha*, or do you mean *crazy, poor man*? Or maybe you meant what my Son says to me. He says, " I'm going to put you in a home." LOL

I know, cabcraft, "quotes" are not so so funny when someone gets hurt.

you're so crazy

"if you break an arm roller-blading, I'll break the other one too!" my hubby to our son. Who went roller-blading and ... *sigh* X@

ILA, if your *** was grass, I would love to be the lawnmower. I would go ever so slow. lol

Thanks, LV. You can use any of my quots that you dare use. lol

I'll quote you on these, thanks, great post

How about "If you don't stop that I'll make you wish you were never born." Hell, I have never wished I was never born. I just wished they weren't my parents....lol

LOL, Miz LadyA, mine swong very well when I was a young man. It still swings, but not in as wide a circle.


and you can quote me on that :-)

easy killer, I don't swing that way :-) rofl

ROFLMAO! georgeg, That is so funny. I wonder what they were warning about. It would make me want to touch it more. As a matter of fact, it makes me Horney! lol

inspiring :-)<br />
<br />
"you touch that and you'll be sorry" think it was someone who loved me :-)<br />
<br />
or maybe my wife?

This is a funny story, mewold.<br />
Can I quote you on that?