I Kno Way To Many.

It not only a passion it is a gift to be able to do what most can't remember lines, i kno from romeo and juiet "Tybalt-what among drawn among these hartless hine, tut,tut, turn thee Benvolio and look apon thy death. Benvolio-I do but keep th peace put up thy swords or manage to part these men with me. Tybalt- Peace, Peace, i hate the word as i hate hell all montegues, and thee." or " "Romeo- See as she lay her hand apon thy cheek oh if ony i was a glove upon thy hand that i might touch that cheek." To the Dark Knight" I believe that whatever doesn't kill you simply make you...Stranger." another thing to remember qoutes is that you can never get bored you can somtimes play entire movies in your head, or at least that what i love to do.

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Feb 20, 2010