I got myself a katana and a small dragon dagger last I was in italy.
Ah the sweet scent of a blade who still can be sharpen, and dull as nothing less than a little work to make it appropriate to use, if ever the need shall arise. It was not easy to get it home, but I did it. I only wish that the web had not been down or I would have bought more than so few of the weapons in the store. The dragondagger is sharp so that I am going to use when I can (though if police find it, I can assume I will end in jail) even if I just use it to rip my name on trees along with drawings (the only use for a dagger in this age and time), or go hunting or kill a fish (but the edge is more meant for inflicting pain and would not make something die immediately unless it is a mouse or bird), though it can be used for a various of other things, but for that I shall need some sword oil to preserve the blade. I could not really ask about the metal in another langue. Considering the metal in the katana, it seems more sturdy for daily use so might be okay.
*admiring my Katana*
Ah... if only I could have gotten the other swords there... so many all up to the roof *drools*
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A love affair with a sword. You wouldn't be the first. =)


A human making trouble 4 himself also making trouble 4 others

True. But things are not always what they seem to be.