Thanks Y'all

Of course I love my boyfriend's avatar because it is him. I always love Kittenhasawhip, CandyRainPearl, Pumpkin79, Hellcatt, Bluebie, Dreamvoyuer, and Hellcatts too. There are so many great avatars on here and sometimes I feel inadequate in comparision because mine is just pictures of me these days. When did I lose my creativity?

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11 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thanks Lena, Your avatar is very interesting as well. I think of spring ducklings and happiness when I see it.

LMAO... Oh well you won't be my first or mostly last stalker lol.<br />
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LOL Lilt... I love it....It reminds me of some of the masks I saw in the Bahamas.

heh. I read it back after I posted it and thought it sounded kinda stalkerish...(ominous voice) I'll have you ALL one day! muhahahaha (/ominous voice). But I'm a friendly, innocuous stalker-biker-type! ;)

Do you think I should have chosen the pink lipstick?

LMAO. You are funny. Another person told me this too.

I like the way you reveal pieces of yourself one at a time FG. I agree with rog, it's very creative. Photography is an art remember.<br />
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And besides, I'm saving all of them and putting them together. Some day I'll have a whole picture of you! LOL.

Thank you Rog,

Thnak you ladee. I had not seen your new one to now. Really cool avatar. It catches your attention. <br />
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Oh and Wilmaaa my favorite avatar of yours are the old lady avatars.

Your avatars make me laugh Wilmaaa. I never know what I am going to find on your avatar. <br />
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LNG, Awww you are sweet.

Awww thank you. I really enjoy yours because you aren't ashamed of sexuality and we feel alike in regards to this. The new avatar reminds me of back in the day and I love it.

It is sexy...