I need someone to kik me if they have a kik my kik is daddiesgirl2.
when you kik me be prepared to begg wine hold ur bladder send videos pictures skype possibly wet urself maybe wet in public hold in public hold at work or school and be prepared to call me mommy everytime u want to ask me something
holditin7499 holditin7499
22-25, F
13 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Just sent you a message ;)

Hmmmm Yum, please make me wait

Kik me please daddiesgirl2

ok mommie =)

Do you ever beg daddy to go pee?

Mommy... I can't hold much longer!! Its been 5 hours! I'm at a party, heeelp!

Kik daddiesgirl2

Happy to join in, lol, do u have Skype? [kik is of no use to me]

I can't hold it in y I wear diapers

It is exciting story...

I'll wet mine if you'll wet yours..

sounds like a long thing. what about a short one?

That is soo Effin hott !!!

Mommy I need to be excused

Yes Very much. should have gone after the meeting this afternoon may I be excused please.

your not allowed 2 p


But I have been waiting a long time please.

Was most of the afternoon I like to suffer through meeting and try for home!

Hi big meeting tomorrow think I might be busy and miss the last chance to use the ladies before four, not so boring, hours admin meeting.

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It is very exciting idea.. For your pleasure, I send you an address where are many videos and photos about urine and pee games.. Try it and tell me what you would be satisfied...

ive been there before

And can you send me any other interesting address that you like the most?