I Make My Own Skin Care Products From Scatch Too

My body has allergies and intolerances, and my kitchen serves as the production facility for healthy food preparation and natural household cleaning and skin care product making as well. I enjoy spending time doing all of these things, but most of all I enjoy the compliments I get because I do not look my age. As a matter of fact I have been able to reduce the effects of having not been a good steward over my body, in my youth, when I was indulging in activities which are not healthy while in pursuit of false pleasures to numb emotional pain.

By eating well, engaging in moderate exercise, supplementing my foods with vitamins and minerals, meditating in the Holy Spirit, removing toxins and chemicals from my environment, and using soaps, lotions, and body butters which are cell nourishing and chemical, sulfite and paraben free I may actually be warding off other illnesses and prolonging my life. Being interested in natural ways to health has gone well beyond cooking my food from scratch for me. I now eat, drink, breathe, and wear natural health. Next up is patio gardening. :-) Because what I put past my lips is just as important as what I put on them.
Sophora Sophora
2 Responses May 17, 2012

What do you make? I am in love with coconut oil for my insides and out. Have been cleaning through years of lotions and potions I do not use. Looked at whole and organic make- up but actually like myself better without now. <br />
Hope you health continues to regenerate and abound!

Hi, luvlymi, thank you for the response. I make lotion, soap, astringent, and body butters. My shopping cart is almost ready to go live. I have a little tweaking to do but you can read about the products at http://shop.mynetbucks.com. My godmother feels the same way about coconut. I do not use it as an ingredient because it is in the high allergen group. Like you, I do not wear make-up either, but if I want a little all natural-plant based and healthy color I use products from 100% Pure. My skin is happy with my lotions and potions, :-). My 50 year old skin has never looked and felt so good. I am also pretty good about what I put in my mouth. I do not eat much processed food, soda, or junk food. I am sure that helps too because the skin we are in is grown from within.

Hey Sophora, if you happened to think about it and feel inclined, how 'bout sharing some of your skin care secrets. I have very oily, sensitive skin. The oiliness gets much worse in the summer heat. I think I've heard that oatmeal is good to alleviate oiliness. I dunno, just curious about some of the things you've come up with.

Hi, LadyHawke, I am not sure if oatmeal helps reduce the oils on skin. I know it is very soothing for eczema, psoriasis, first degree burns, poison ivy, and rashes in general.

There are some other kitchen ingredients you may have on hand which are supposed to help remove excess oil from skin. This shortened URL http://bit.ly/v7dLoF will take you to a list with commentary which includes apples, lemons, baking soda, vinegar, eggs, and more. I hope it gives you food for thought, no pun intended. :-)

I was not sure if I had made a product which would be especially good for oily skin, but I discovered I use several of the ingredients listed in my products. I do not have oily or dry skin, but it can go either way depending on the climate, time of year, and my activity. The products I make are meant to hydrate and exfoliate. I sent an e-mail to the ladies who have bought the lotion, body butters, and soaps to see if any are too oily for them. I am waiting for replies. I do not know if any of the ladies have oily skin. I get reorders and have not had any complaints.

Thank you for asking, LadyHawke. I hope the info at the URL is helpful to you.