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I love to cook, the more complex the better.Everyone asks me to teach them, i find it very relaxing. I have always loved to cook,coming from a mother who would just as soon blow up the kitchen, let alone cook....yeah, learning was interesting. I believe the first cake from scratch weighed 10 pounds,my dad asked me not to cook anymore and laughed when the damn dog wouldn't eat it.Nice i know.
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You just reminded me about her {burnt} refried string beans . I love that woman.

This brought back such fond memories, My Mom must have gone to school with yours. She ruined coffee which I love. my sisters first cake fell from peeking too much, so she filled the hollow part with rasberry jam and iced over the whole mess. Our dog wouldnt touch it either hahaha<br />
h-m-m-m maybe it's a redhaired gewl thing! LoL<br />

My father was a phenominal baker, no recipes a pinch of this... i sure miss him and his cinnamon roles, not his teasing ..just kidding.

The first time I tried to make Snow Icecream by myself, I added a half cup of melted butter for flavoring!!=O Dad kept going, " What are these little yellow CHUNKS i keep munching on??!!" ROFL! Yeah, the cold snow hardened the butter into chunks! This is why 17 year olds should stay outta the kitchen without supervision! ;) Oh, and that was the same year I tried to microwave- boil some eggs! For 10 minutes! Blew the eggs up ALL OVER the microwave, except the one that decided to wait and explode on my bare chest when I opened the door!! =O

That same week, i made angel food cake...killed it, hashbrowns they were greenish black...they tasted good though , not a total loss my poor father.

first attempts don't always turn out well. My first loaf of bread was a beige rock.