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I did not really start getting into cooking until late in life. I have alway's loved home cooked meal's made from scratch. I can sit and name a list of thing's that my grandmother and mother made that I will never taste again. I have learned to make many of these thing's BUT somthing is missing from each one. I know wish that I had spent more time with them in the kitchen as they prepaired the meal's. I dont think that i ever saw a cookbook in grandma's house, she WAS the cookbook. Nothing she cooked was on paper, it was all in her head same as my mother. Now mom is still alive but since dad passed on she does very little of the cooking she once did and now cant remember alot of what went into what. And of course when grandma passed on she took her reciepe's with her, Gone Forever.

Now that our daughter has a family and have gotton tired of junk food, my phone ring's. Dad how do you make this or that, guess what ? most of it was in my head and not on paper. One day I was reading our local paper and read a story of a family that had a Family cookbook that was passed down from generation to generation and alway's growing. I found this to be a great Idea. I got up with our daughter and told her about the idea and she jumped on it. Now as I cook I keep a notebook on the counter and write thing's down as I put it together and cook it and then add it to our book. I ask our daughter to ask her kid's each to write down their five favorite food's made by her and five by grandma and grandad. We then printed them out on the computer and put them in a big notebook.It has been fun putting this book together. It is also nice to know that after we are gone a little piece of us will still be at the family dinner table. I thought this was a great idea for the family and just wanted to pass it on to other's. It's a shame to let all the good reciepe's wind up in the graveyard's.
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No worries.

What a great idea Robert! When I have grand kids, I may do just that.<br />
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I know what you mean about not being able to replicate the dishes you grew up eating. My Mom made a cheesecake (more like a Ricotta Cake--It was really tall) that I have tried to duplicate. I even found the kind of recipe book she used to make the cake (circa 1974) and guess what? It still doesn't taste or look like hers. She must of tweaked it in some way, but I'll never know. <br />
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Thank you for reading and comminting sandnsurf. Sorry about me overlooking your comment for so long, old age : ). You dont have to wait for grandkid's to get started. This has been a fun thing to do with my daughter. I have tried for year's to make a roast as good as grandma's and hav'nt got there yet. Maybe it was the love they put into it, ya think. : ) My Best.