What to Cook

HAVING Tummy Problems...so I guess I'll cook something with this left over chicken...I WAS GOING TO DO CURRY CHICKEN 'N RICE ONE POT MEAL...But I don't think my tum tum can stand the curry..  Maybe just chicken and rice..onions, GARLIC and ?????

I could make soup  with dumplings????

csan csan
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1 Response Dec 15, 2007

Penne pasta/ Johnsonville Brats<br />
<br />
Cook Brats, let cool, while you cook pasta. Pasta sauce of your choosing. Mix: Pasta, Sauce, Brats ( Sliced up), Olives, mushrooms, whatever you have in a can that sounds good, please, don't cross-culture on this one. It's Italian. Cheese, this one depends on your own ingenutity. Also, Garlic. Mucho Garlico. Cook. Eat.