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I make everything I can from scratch and use what ever is left over to make stock. I am bad at making soup sadly, but I do use the stock water for cooking with other things for a water replacement if it is something that would taste good with stock instead of water. I get upset when people or restaurants go on about how experienced they are and there gourmet there meals are, and when I get there it has nothing special in it. The place I work at is a great example of this. They go on about how great there food is and how its all done by scratch when only 30% of it is not canned or prepackaged. When they make Spanish rice its normally really dry and over cooked, when they make kimchi it taste like there is a mild flavor and is just orange along with watery, when they make fired rice it ether taste like what I am guessing a wet dogs fur would taste like because well it smells like wet dog, or it taste like you are eating little bits of unidentifiable food that just taste like that burn taste you get when you eat the black part of burnt bread. They say they make there bread from scratch but they order bread from off brands from wonder bread. There are so many other things they do like that and the list would never end. Everyone goes on about how great of cooks they are there and I don't say anything because the truth is most of them would not be able to cook to save themselves. Its a little frustrating to see the art of cooking be slaughtered like that, and then to see that the customers go crazy about it all being from scratch and how delicious it is. I do not get why so many people are gaining a favor for bland, burnt, over cooked food. It makes me sad. I work at Bon Appetit they make pretty bad food all n' all. Even looking at the magazine it makes me wonder is it bad what they have made in that book too, or is it just the kitchen I work in?
Oh and also my boss says that no matter what spices I use and no matter what the measurement is add double that in salt because it saves money and brings out the flavor of the other spices, I tried it wondering how in the world that works and well it just makes it so all you taste is salt and it looks lightly garnished with what ever spice you are exposed to be tasting. Oh and they garnish mashed potatoes with what ever green leafy thing they can find and cut up. Its so depressing when I think about it.
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I will try that, thank you for telling me about that.

If you say you are no good at doing soup then you should get a electrical slow cooker. Some chicken meat boil with water once throw the water away and put the chicken meat into the slow cooker,add some clove of garlic,pepper seed crashed,some chopped white or red onion and carrots. Finally add water turn the cooker on go to work and when you come back add some salt and enjoy it. Slow cooker need to cook the soup 4 to 6 hours that is why its a slow cooker. Try it you would not forget me lol..

Wow that became a work rant.