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Some people relax by playing video games, I do that sometimes too. I like to read, I like to use my treadmill and walk the dog too but I'm happiest when I'm cooking. Many people have a signature dish. Mine is fettuccine Alfredo. The whole reason I learned to cook was so I could whip up an amazing Alfredo sauce. My husband says its his favorite thing that I make. I prefer it plain but he likes it best with thick cut bacon and peas. The trick when you use bacon and peas is to do everything in one pan so all of the flavors blend perfectly. If you want a little added authenticity try using pancetta instead of bacon. I always have a block of Parmesan in my fridge as the craving for this amazing dish can hit me out of nowhere. Never buy pre shredded parm. Italian food is one of the most delicious and comforting things to cook, but it will require you to get more exercise if you don't want to blow up like a balloon. A couple other amazing Italian dishes I like to make are chicken Marsala(slightly trickier to get the hang of, and liking mushrooms is a must) spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce.
 Recently I conquered chicken vesuvio. This is a seared chicken breast simmered with red skinned potatoes and peas in a white wine and chicken sauce. It has a little lemon juice for some added kick and will make your taste buds die and go to heaven.
  If your like me risotto has always been a looming and mysterious culinary treat. well fear not its easy and the pay off is amazing. I made an asparagus risotto last week and if you don't mind your pee smelling funny I would recommend it to any foodie. The broth is kind of a pain and the consistency is a little tough to get right but risotto is great with chicken, especially the Honey and orange glazed chicken I served it with. It was a very summery meal.
 Earlier this summer I went on a pie making rampage. There is a blueberry pie sitting on my counter right now begging me to devour it. Always make your own crust. If you own a food processor you can skip alot of kneading. I recommend using butter instead of Crisco if you like it flaky and reminiscent of shortbread. My favorite pie to make by a long shot is rhubarb. It is so much better than strawberry rhubarb because it is so much tangier. I'm also a big fan of raspberry/blackberry and classic apple a la mode. I made a wicked strawberry cake a few months ago from fresh strawberries, It was a triumph. It also made me kill myself on the treadmill.
  Recently Ive been destroying some stuffed mushrooms. I stuff them with chopped bacon, spinach, onion and the chopped mushroom stalks sauteed in cream then top them with cheese and fresh breadcrumbs and bake them. MMMMMM.
 On the eastern side of things lately I made a beef and pepper lo mien with egg noodles tossed in sesame oil to give them a good nutty flavor and to keep them from sticking. then I pan sear some thin cut flank steak and stir fry it with napa cabbage, sprouts, bamboo shoots, scallions and sesame seeds and tamari. I serve it with homemade dim sum. Dim sum is actually alot easier to make than I thought it would be. You just line a steamer with a wet washcloth first: then make dough with vegetable oil and stuff the little circles with ground pork, chopped bamboo shoots, dry sherry and corn starch then steam the little "purses" for about 15 minutes.
This is about 1 weeks worth of dinner, excluding all the pie of course. My husbands friends think I live in the kitchen.
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WOW COOOL!!!!!!!!!!! i just read it. would you come to my home and cook for me please? hehe. ;p never heard smth like chicken Marsala, chicken vesuvio,or rhubarb before. im asian,and i love to eat but i really want to be abble to cook europian dishes. My mom only cook our food. ;p