Food For Thought

I like food.

I like eating food, preparing meals, sharing with friends.

I think about food. What food I will have today, or tomorrow. If I can combine new foods, and how they will taste. I read cookbooks and imagine how the recipes will turn out.

I think about what makes a great dish. The show on Food Network: Throwdown! with Bobby Flay is fascinating. In it, Bobby pits himself against someone who is known for a great recipe. It is usually a contest that he loses, and I have a theory as to why this is so.

Bobby is a great chef, and his strategy is top-class ingredients and embellishment of his competitor's recipe. It is often the case that Bobby's opponent has a simpler method, and fewer and less expensive ingredients.

I think that a good recipe is like good writing: it is complete when you have taken out everything that is not needed. My theory is that Bobby loses because it is hard for even a great chef, to beat a recipe that has been simplified and honed over a long period.
sdbear sdbear
Aug 5, 2010