I Love To Cook.

I just love to cook new things. Its fun trying new recipes. I just get tired of cooking all of teh time. I wish that at times I could take a brake from coking. I hope that the guy I like doesn't mind eatting some really good foods. I learn new cooking tecnices from wtching  the food net work. I like to try some of  the recipes out that  they make. It just makes me a better cook. I'm also my dads little chef. Don't ask. Its just a fancy way of saying cook. My food tastes better and is heathyer to eat.
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22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

You can experiment on alot of food for cooking. Just be caution when using herbs. Someone onces told me that chinese herbs when mix wrongly can become harmful to our body with immediate result. That is scary right?

Nice. Continue experimenting in the kitchen to find the most delicious food ingredient and you've ever seen.