Food Can Be Moving, Passionate & Invigorating

I believe food has the ability to move and inspire. It has the ability to turn you on, change your mood, stretch your imagination and allows ones creative juices to live.

In NZ we have a special delicasy we call a hangi, which is when you heat lava rock by fire. Dig a hole in the earths dirt & crust. When the rocks are red hot you pour them into the hole, on the bottom go your meats & poultry. The next layer is your kumara (sweet potato, cabbage, potatoes & water cress etc. The top layer is your stuffing & steam pudding. Once this is all on top of your hot rocks, you cover with cloth (for cleanliness) & bury with soil (yes I said soil). The soil locks in the rock heat & creates an earth oven.

3.5 to 4 hours later you carefully remove the soil & cloth, so as not to spill any dirt on the kai (food). The taste is a mixture of earth (not dirt but earth) & hot lava rock. Trust me when I say the word amazing does not begin to do this meal justice.
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I have used a hay box in days gone past to cook cassaroles /chop and veg either fill cassarole dish with meat/veg and gravy or lay out piece of foil aprox 1ft sq.put on top a chop,some chopped slices carrots/potatoes onions and mushrooms fill tea chest half full hay place dish/foil in middle and fill with hay leave for 6-8 hrs take out and have bueatifully cooked food!