Me And My Sister Made The Dinner Today! :d

Heyaa guys! How are you?! You know,today i was cooking with my sister. As im asian,i cooked some dishes called "Perkedel jagung".i just have to grate and fry. but dont forget about the ingredients things! haha it made it colourfull and tasty ofcourse. Oh and we cooked spinach too. x)

When my mom cmoes from her work,we had a lovely dinner together and she said its delicious! haha (dont know if she said that cos we are her girls,but i hope she was honest ;p )

Its really fun to cooked you know. Its not my first time tho,but i rarely cooking. I felt like RacherRay when i stir,or add up the ingredients.haha. I looove cooking. i think woman that be able to cook is sexy and somehow is intelegent. I found that cooking is not as simple as we fed the food to the mouth. Soooo..... all kiddos and hubbies must to thank to her woman that humbly wants to cook for them :)

boogeypals boogeypals
18-21, F
Aug 12, 2010