Low Carb Cooking

I follow the Atkins diet ; I lost 73 lbs on it.  It's a low-carb, high protein diet , which means a lot of meat and vegatables, some dairy. The bigest complaint I've heard about the diet is there's not enogh variety of food you're allowed so it gets boring. But the diet is in stages. I won't bore everybody with it but once you lose the weight you set out to lose you can eat more variety. Here is a list of the low-carb food I've cooked or put together : Omelots, egg nog ,clam chowder, soup, cobb salad , cheesecake , deviled eggs, pancakes ,crepes ,chop suey, chili , ..... all low carb.
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Please share your low carb pancake recipe with me!

I love low carb too, but it doesn't love me =( I developed a protein intolerance overtime, from the excessive protein diet. And I can't eat whey protein at all. Soy is okay is small quantities, and most dairy is okay, EXCEPT butter. Can't have much butter now either.