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I enjoy cooking, but I will go for long periods of time without wanting to.  I can't bake to save my life, except for macaroons, and I don't think that really counts as baking, lol.  Except for a few basic meals, I usually need a cookbook.  I get really into it when I do.  I put on music, and bounce around in between chopping.  I really enjoy cooking for other people, but have only ever had two "dinner parties", and they were more hilarious than delicious.  For one, I cooked an elaborate couscous with some kind of veggie combo, and a black olive tapenade/bruschetta (my guests were vegetarian.).  The problem was that at the time, my apartment was the sweltering top-floor of a Brooklyn brownstone in the middle of summer, so all of that hot food just wasn't appetizing.  To top things off, I wanted to serve ice-cream sandwiches for dessert, but my refrigerator decided to break, so instead, we had ice cream soup with cookie mush, lol.  Typical!  I dream of cooking for a boyfriend again.  I was pretty good at making the occasional treat.
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I thank my mom. She made me comfortable in the kitchen as I was growing up. The rule for meals on Sunday was mom would make a good breakfast. And if we didn't go out for lunch/dinner mom would make a good dinner. In the evening the rule was if you wanted something to eat you fixed it yourself (and you had to have something nourishing before you had things like ice cream). She never made a fuss when we made a mess in the kitchen. So I got comfortable reading and following a recipe, which I still do but now I don't always leave the recipe alone. Case in point I have a recipe that doesn't call for bell pepper but I often put in red, yellow, or green bell pepper (or a combination of the 3)

Aren't macaroons really hard to make?

I learned to cook, because A) I come from a long line of great cooks in the family, from my grandmothers to my parents to my sister and both my brother in laws. B) because everybody is such great cooks I always was the quite one at dinner tables and family gathering because I felt I had nothing to contribute to their culinary discussions or debates. One day we were at a family friends party and when the family goes to such gathering they only select food that they know that can cook, so their plates are usually small selection of food. Where as mine is little bits of almost everything I want to taste. Then as I make my way around my plate I taste and sample all then I choose the dish I like most. On this day of the party I had commented on a dish that was totally unpalatable and I expressed my dislike to it. To my surprise my mother said do not critique a dish if you don't know how to cook. It was like a one of those moment when you got slapped in a face with a white glove and insulted at the same time. So shortly after that I was determine to prove to them that I can learn to cook and worked on it every chance I got so good at it that, they started requesting me too cook for them, and I grow my own veggies and fruits I cook and invented a few dishes too. If you really enjoy cooking and by your story you do, keep at it. The main thing is you cook it with love and it will show and taste great. 🍸happy cooking🌺

You should try baking bread. It is very forgiving. And if you have a good stand mixer it can do all the kneading for you.

Do you still live in New York? What was that like?

who said anything about microwaves????!!!!

wow all i can find is microwave women LOL<br />
<br />
i dont do microwaves.........

We do have the best of both worlds here......small town with easy access to walks and countryside but also accessible to larger cities if need be!<br />
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If only my personal life was so ideal life would be great!!! the uni cities and some small ones more locally.....

Trains best I reckon in this case.....though only one an hour in one direction, two an hour in the other, depending on which uni....

Near enough!..... We are ideally situated for commuting...

Ok ...we have a sofa bed you can crash on while you are house hunting .......we are in a beautiful part of the country .....

Sounds goooood!......will have to change the dressing , can't have the orange, but I love mustard! mmmmm <br />
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Are you coming here to cook for me or shall I come to you? : )

Not necessarily.......I was for years but have dropped it now, became too sensitive to a lot of the veggie ingredients...<br />
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Something "vegetabley" would be good to counteract the stodge of the past few days I reckon.....with a bit of a tang to it!

mmmm struggling to think......depends so much on time of year, how hungry I am, what mood I'm in ....gosh I'm sounding fussy here!! I'd like to try new things actually, I'm getting a bit in a rut .....surprise me! : )<br />
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Bit "sensitive" to wheat and dairy....(and alas, bananas and oranges so will be difficult I know).......but you can come up with something I'm sure.....

Oo come and cook for me...I'm right off it at the moment!