Did Anyone See the Next Food Network Person For Their Own Cooking Show?

I watched as they went through the elimination and I was so happy with the winner.

The Gourment next door I think is what wh will call her show..

They cook so fast.  I cook fast but not so many dishes and that fancy.

I wish I had someone to cook for...My neighbor and I love to cook so we sometimes exchange dishes.

But I'm a widow now and I really miss not having  family to cook for..Children are grown and away from home.. When my children did visit I cook up a storm.  My grandaughter loves my cooking too.

I'm not good at cooking for a crowd,,I have done it but I always seem to mess up at least one dish...Spaghetti or pizza is what I like for crowds.

csan csan
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2 Responses Jan 4, 2008

Great great, idea ! If and when I find a special man.<br />
My twins(Michael 'n Mihcelle) each had to cook one meal a week, even if it was a can of chili over rice, they started to enjoy cooking and baking, and ..this way when they left home they were able to cook.

When I was living alone, I too found it hard too cook a nice meal for just mysel. I also found that shopping for one was a problem. I always had to take the meat from its original packe and repack it into one serving size before freezing. What I di, was I started having a friend over, at least this way I was cooking for two. I would also make enough so I had leftovers for tomarrows lunch. Then I suggested that he cook a meal once a week. This got each one of us out of the house one evening every week, made it easier to shop, and I would always try new recipies with him. He on the other hand was not the best in the kitchen, but we all can't be. He was and still is a good friend.