I really enjoy cooking..

Cooking can be really relaxing and fun, except for when I'm hungry. I don't agree at all with "Hunger is the best sauce.", it's the worst for me. I just can't take the time I'd need for a good meal when I'm hungry. If I'm really really hungry, I just can't wait until everything's done and end up eating half-raw stuff :D

But, I'm not that hungry often, so it's not really a problem.

I hardly ever use recipes. (Except for desserts.. although I can make some without recipes and any measuring tools except for my eyes and hands)

I use whatever feels right and tastes good.

I considered becoming a chef, but I guess vegetarian chefs aren't needed that much.

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I too enjoy cooking as i m big time foodie<br />
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Cooking for me is an enjoyable hobby. I get great joy watching other's enjoy what I prepair. I like from scratch cooking of comfort food's and putting my own twist on it. I thought of going to chef's school but decided against it. I enjoy cooking and dont want it to be a job that might rob me of that in time. I also enjoy sitting down and enjoying the meal with those I prepaired it for and feel that they both go hand in hand.

I always use recipies, maybe because I don't have much experience cooking. I'd love to have more vegetarian options in restaurants, maybe it is harder to prepare tasty foods without meat, I don't know...

im not a vegiteran but i like vegitrian pizza!

That's the problem with being a vegetarian, most veggie's like cooking but <br />
there's no decent education to becoming a vegetarian chef.<br />
I mean, I wouldn't like to cook meat, even if I won't have to do it anymore when I'm<br />
done with the training.<br />
So carry on cooking, I bet your friends enjoy your kitchen art as well!

what's your favourite food?

For me, i don't enjoy cooking at all , but i enjoy to watch someone when he cooks, i enjoy smells of cooking and of course i enjoy eating :D

Hey, I would like a vegetarian chef! :)

The people who say hunger makes food taste better don't cook for themselves, I think :P

I am not a vegetarian (wish I was), but I did find an awesome recipe for a vegetarian bean stew with tomatoes, carrots,beans,cumin and ginger.<br />
anyone interested can email me.

who can serve vegetarians better than a vegetarian? <br />
<br />
go for the big and busy restaurant where has more vegetarian costumers

who can serve vegetarians better than a vegetarian? <br />
<br />
go for the big and busy restaurant where has more vegetarian costumers

I consider myself a great cook. Have thought of doing it for a living. But I don't want to work in a fast food place, and I don't want to pay the exorbanite tuition for the culinary arts schools. <br />
My hat is off to you for specializiny in vegetables. I don't think you have anything to loose by putting together a resume and faxing or emailing over to convalescent homes, retirement homes, hospitals. Also you are probably young enough to become a dietician. <br />

I think we could use more vegetarian chefs. <br />
I think more of us would convert if we had more options of places to eat. I would consider a 90 percent conversion myself. Though I would have to have a steak now and then