I'll Do All the Cooking

I've been cooking virtually my whole life. I come from a family where most of the men know how to cook. I like it so much that I considered going to chef's school. What always stops me is I worry that if it becomes my job then I won't want to do it in my leisure life. I love cooking for friends and family. I especially like cooking for a special lady. I don't just replicate recipes...I make my own. Sometimes I remember to write them down, sometimes they are a one time thing. I don't use measuring cups or spoons, everything is by feel and taste. I've been told many times that I should write a book and who knows maybe some day I will. For now though, I cook for those that are close to me. I find it incredibly relaxing.....a huge stress reliever. It can also be the start to the perfect romantic evening. Food can be incredibly sexual.

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YES! I also find cooking very good for stress. I love seeing people's reaction to what I cook or bake. I love smelling the spices and mixing up new things to try a new flavor in foods. Food can be so comforting, I love making someone feel comforted with a home cooked meal. <3

Amen to that :)

I'd cook for you anytime Sunshine :)

What's your pleasure? :)

That I could do with one arm tied behind my back :)

So.....when can I expect you? :)

You good to marry me or u already married?

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Not married

I am not a chef but have cooked in restaurant for 30 years. it is indeed very relaxing and extremely gratifying especially when people recognize and appreciate your talent! I rarely messure except for in some baking and bread making where measurements are crucial.i THINK ANY GOOD COOK SHOULD ALWAYS MAKE RECIPES THEIR OWN .i love making comfort food what is your speciality?

I make really good souvlaki, sate and the best guacamole. Most of my recipes evolve over the years.

That usually means that you are wearing your hats too tight. lol

You are clearly insane :P

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Why does the bride wear white?<br />
So that the dishwasher will match the stove.<br />
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I had the right to remain silent......


The way to a woman's heart? :)

i'm 14 and i'm just getting in to cooking all i've mad is some cookies that turned out to be soft but nice & cupcake's that crumbuld when touched but tasted ok. so i've masterd the tast but not the presentation lol i've still got a lot to lern =( but i've got a life time to do that =)...

You are right. Cooking is a life long learning experience :)

if you love it run with it because I have been in kitchen professionally for twenty five years, if you are good you can get a job anywhere! I do it for a living and still love cooking at home!

What can you cook? ;) any favourite recipes? Share! :)

cute you are always cute. LOL!

Ah....I cook by feel not recipe so you'll have to visit my kitchen and witness the madness/magic in person :)
Nice to see you Duchess :)

My Grandmother always said cooking is an act of love :)

I think your grandmother is wise :)

Would you please share some recipes. I'm curious. I would like to have an idea about your cooking style.