I'll Do All the Cooking

I've been cooking virtually my whole life. I come from a family where most of the men know how to cook. I like it so much that I considered going to chef's school. What always stops me is I worry that if it becomes my job then I won't want to do it in my leisure life. I love cooking for friends and family. I especially like cooking for a special lady. I don't just replicate recipes...I make my own. Sometimes I remember to write them down, sometimes they are a one time thing. I don't use measuring cups or spoons, everything is by feel and taste. I've been told many times that I should write a book and who knows maybe some day I will. For now though, I cook for those that are close to me. I find it incredibly relaxing.....a huge stress reliever. It can also be the start to the perfect romantic evening. Food can be incredibly sexual.

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