I Like To Cook And Bake

i grew up in a family Bakery and catering business,,,and after much work and many hours I became a Master Baker,,and then Became a Director of Corporate Saftey and Health for a large food processing corporation,,,What a wild ride going from a baker to a corporate executive,,,I still love to bake and cook,,have to be carefull telling anyone I am a master baker,they think I am saying something else,,
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Nice! :)

thank you honey

I Love to cook and bake. I don't have the title you have but I'm good anyway, lol. I'm sure we could cook something up between the 2 of us. ;) ;) :D

that is something i have a passion for...it has become my life

sounds interesting, would love to chatt some time.,

Cool I like a man that can cook! my bf makes me food all the time. He doesn't like my specialty: Ramen noodles.

i like them,,but don't follow the directions,I drain them , then add the flavor packet,, hmmmmmmmmmm good !!!

My favorite part is the juice! I put tobasco sauce in them. & btw, I am also a master baker!

how did you achieve master baker status,,,it takes alot of time and training of many years,,i know i am a *********** too

well I may have smoked alot of pot, if that counts for anything.

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i have been in the office world all my life, i always wanted to cook. now i am a prep cook and doing catering...im having a blast

when i move over by you maybe you can teach me something new ..as i love to bake all kinds of things

Your story was fun. One time I was on vacation at lake texoma. There is always several gas stations along the way and each one has a little store where you can buy food and other things you might need along the way. There were tshirts in all the stores and I really wanted one. My husband kept saying no and being really assholey, until finally he said ok. I'm not sure when I exactly realized what the tshirt said but thankfully it was before I bought it. The tshirts said a variety of things but all included lake texoma master baiters. You know there's striperguides for fishing but that's not what they were talking about ... Lol

hahhaha, rj, that's too funny...and very cool that you are a Master Baker. We sure could use your talents in this town, as we have no real bakery. The closest thing to a bakery here is Panera Bread.<br />
<br />
Here in Destin we're surrounded by water and there's lots of fishing, so we have LOTS of master baiters, if you know what I mean?<br />
<br />

LOL....sounds like where I am at...Kudos they wouldn't know the "real" if it slapped them in the face.... I long for Philly.

Hey there, ginger. Whereabouts do you live now? I live in an area known affectionately as the "Redneck Riviera" and "LA," which stands for Lower Alabama. lmao. Not that I have anything against rednecks or Alabamans. ROLL TIDE!!! ;-)

Loved the story and Thanks for sharing ....it made me smile

lol i love to back its a one of my passions next 2 writing.,

This is amazing, such an impressive talent, and a turn on. I do love baking myself, i can do it all day and night, it is a huge stress reliever and i like to do it for my close family and friends. Even if i cant eat some of it, due to my gluten allergies :(