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I was forced to learn how to cook when i was ten .  My parents got divorced at that age and i lived with my father.  I had to learn fast how to make meals not just boxed food.  I now have four kids and a husband so i get to pass the cooking skills on to my daughters and my ten year old has learned alot . She has actually made dinner for us.  I told her she couldnt move out of our home until she prepared the hardest meal for us and it had to be good.  Of course i dont plan on teaching her that one until she is 30...lol.

Anyone know how to make bread pudding?  Cant seem to find anyone that is willing to tell me, would be great if anyone here was from the south and would be willing to share there secrets...thanks

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there are so many Bread Pudding recipes out there. Most are very easy but they take a while to bake. Essentially, you cut up stale bread.Place in a greased pan. Mix milk , vanilla, eggs, sugar and whatever else you are adding(raisins, cranberries, whatever) poor the egg/milk mixture over the bread cubes. Place the filled pan in a larger pan of water (called a bath) and bake. For about an hour. That is the recipe I learned as a child. I didn't give you measurements because the measuements I have are for a serving of 50. (I grew up working in a diner....so we are talking industrial servings) Good luck. Happy Holidays. <br />
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Oh yeah, you can also make a hard sauce to go over top, using sugar, bourbon, vanilla. Or make homemade whipped cream

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