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Welcome In My Kitchen

Today we are going to prepare your favourite dish. In order to go further with it, you have to remember that perfect dish requires  "love". You have to love what you are doing and the people for whom are you doing. Without love it will never work and you will not be able to  fully satisfy the needs of others. They will always remain hungry.  

 In my country we have this saying - "Through the stomach to heart ". And it is very true. Cooking for somebody is like making love. You can express everything through cooking in the perfect way.    

Buy only organic. I believe that the other stuff is not healthy anymore. You can eat if you have no choice but after some time you know what would happen if you eat poison. Organic is still OK. It is expensive but you can eat less. Better less and good than more and bad. I love chicken.  
You can cut chicken breasts into strips. Put some spices on them  which ever you like and dive them in full eggs and bread crumbs. Then, you fry them in oil until they show rich gold color. On a side you can prepare salad mixed with sour cream, garlic and salt. Try with potatoes and juice.    

It will cost you around 20 dollars and you would be ready with healthy meals for two people. Preparation and shopping around 1.5 hours. Try it. I think it is really good.

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 4 Responses May 13, 2012

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Mmmm... sounds yummy!


When's dinner?

All is ready. Come join me in the kitchen.

I like pasta 8D so very much. I don't know how to cook but I have a feeling that pasta would be the first thing I would ever cook !!! :'D and I will cook it with love and serve it to myself only (:

That is great.

So true. Love is the secret ingredient. Food is never tasty when the cook is in a bad mood. Well except for raging chefs who like to scream at cooks in his kitchen.

Very good joke. Thank you

Sounds so special to you, but to me it's everyday.... I feel embarrassed, we should all be equal ;-(

In some way we are equal. In some way we never be. That is just life. Some people eat beef some people eat chicken. Anyway if you like I will always share my chicken with you.

Yes, your right! But who gives and ****!