I Don't Like To Cook; I Love To Cook

I realized that I loved to cook when I was a young girl.

My mom would allow me to help her in the kitchen but not really being a good cook herself, she did not have too much to teach me other than how to make gravy and banana bread. Even her "mashed potatoes" were lumpy and tasteless and everything had to have plenty of butter, salt and pepper, the three flavors that accompanied every starch and vegetable. 

As a teenager, I had a school project of making Thanksgiving Dinner for my family. I enjoyed it so much that I realized that cooking was something that was something that I considered to be work but something that I really enjoyed doing. I enjoyed learning about foods, their tastes, how to make them attractive and enticing and I loved the feedback from those who seemed to enjoy them. I loved the timing of a meal and the challenge of getting foods just right and having the meal on the plate in the most optimal taste, temperature and appearance. 

When I was 15, I wanted to make my own birthday cake, from scratch. We had box cake mixes then but I was adventurous. I found a recipe for a black walnut torte. Yes, a torte! I had never made a cake before let alone a multi-layer one with cream cheese frosting. I couldn't find black walnuts or black walnut flavoring anywhere. I settled to make a varied fruit trifle with lemon yogurt dressing. It was the most colorful fruit salad with all fresh fruits and a lemon dressing made from plain yogurt, lemon zest, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. I invited several friends over for a memorable birthday party; with no cake, just a layered fruit salad which I proudly served with lemon yogurt dressing. Several friends asked for "seconds". 

I have enjoyed learning to make all sorts of ethnic foods for many years. I have taken recipes and personalized them until they were "just right". My cooking touches upon all foods (appetizers, beverages, salads, entrees,vegetables, starches, desserts, etc.) and cultures (French, Mexican, Chinese, Thailand, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Meditteranean countries like Israel, Lebanon and Jordan) but I have limited experience in baking and pastry making.

I have gotten hooked on Master Chef and am so looking forward to it beginning a new season on June 4th. I can't wait. I LOVE to cook!
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I have several: <br />
<br />
Tabbouleh- Middle Eastern (Lebanon mainly) parsely and bulgar wheat salad; great with pita bread. Lots of chopping but a "mandoline" makes this so much faster with the julienne feature.<br />
<br />
Pasta Salad- pick a pasta; any pasta (lol)...cook until JUST tender and COOL immediately...add chopped tomatoes, red onion, all colors of bell peppers, ripe olives and FRESH zucchini (or cucumber if you don't have zucchini) and find the ZESTIEST bottled Italian dressing that you can buy...don't forget the shredded cheese, Asiago or a Mexican or Italian "blend" works very nicely.<br />
<br />
Taco Salad- my favorite; many ways to make it. <br />
<br />
You can check out ALLRECIPES.COM or simplyrecipes.com; both have TONS of wonderful recipes...bon appetit!!!!

“Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” ~ Julia Child

so true; Julia really cooked with all of her heart didn't she?

I also absolutely love to cook. I wish I had more time for it. Do you have a killer salad that everyone loves when you make it? It's summer BBQ season and would love any new ideas.