The World's Best French Fries

I have perfected the french fry. Quite by accident. Amber went to the flea market with her cousin. She bought a bag of new red taters but neglected to buy any green beans.
A few days ago, I needed fries and I soon spied those pretty little red taters, I put a plan into action. A small skillet with just a nice dollop of olive oil, heated. Lay the washed potatoes in the oil and cook until brown.
Then, you can cut them how you like or do like me and eat them like a tiny apple.
Try it. Or should I patent it?
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

Sounds yummy and fun. I also make home-made french fries. And kids just love them with my home-made dip of ketchup/mayo/dried basil. Yumm!

Noooooooo! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy all potatoes!

My kind of luck. But I discovered it on my own. Great tasting.

I saw an actual french guy do this with baby potatoes on a show, about 4 weeks ago =| You missed the buck, love.. lol