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Mind Cooking

First, I see it in my mind. Next, I develop cravings. Then, I have to have it.

Food and all around it makes me very happy. All the colors, flavors, smell, eating together, sharing food with the beloved ones is just my thing. I love to feed everybody. I am addicted to the feelings which I tend to develop after seeing somebody fed by me.  When he or she is full and content, especially, when I work hard to make it right.

I remember those family gatherings, when we use to eat together at my grandmother's orchard. Summers - wonderful weather, tables set outside the house, all kinds of fruits on the trees, dogs and cats running around. Family members prepared food for hours. Kitchen remained flooded with people. You could always sneak in and get something of this or that directly from the pot. Somehow, it tasted better that way. They used to sit, talk, laugh or argue till the late evenings. Me and other kids  hid under the tables or watched the burning fire. Food was like communion for us and always brought us together.

Food and love have so much in common.  For example: When you are saying, “I would like to eat you” or “Your love is better than an ice cream” or “You taste so good" or “There is so different a flavor in you”. Such expressions are loaded with emotions and there is no better way to express the extent of your love. Those words express something what lays deep within. Those words give another dimension to the whole process of loving.

I cook with all the colors, shapes and shades. I intensely desire to get the best meal possible. I am always losing my mind to join the most attractive ingredients ever. I want you to feel it through your body and mind. I am a cook. I cook for you to make you feel satisfied.  

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 7 Responses Jun 6, 2012

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I feel the same way about express it so well!Cooking is my salvation and love food in every form. I think I live to eat, cook and be a good

I love food and eating. I like to eat things that I make from scratch using a recipe, sometimes. Most of the time I eat store-bought stuff, to make it easy. I was almost never cooking, and a while ago decided to increase my cooking.

Yes, food is a big part of gatherings, people enjoy the food at these things.

Interesting story overall.

I hope one day we can cook something together for others.
Thank you for reading me.

I used to throw an annual Christmas party of which, when my friends asked "what can I bring?" I would say "just yourself". or soda. One year I ended up with 2 cases of soda, which I don't drink. But they loved all the food I made!

I have since moved to another state and no longer have that large circle of friends to cook for. But because I love cooking and baking I make enough to share with my neighbor and give her recipes for foods she might like to try.

How many cans of soda is in one case ?

they brought liter bottles = probably had about 24 altoghether. i had it for months and months.

Yes lots of fun and a lot of entertainment wit all the germans and itallians together. A bunch of bickering and some compotitions due to thier hard headedness

Yea sounds familiar. Feels like home already. We were all Polish but we have representatives all big religions in our family and it was never any problem about that. The biggest issues were as I remember which way things should be fix around the house or which way to run family is more clever and stuff like that. Sometimes - where to put picnic table in garden could really hit up afternoon. It was so much fun to see all the well crafted ways how my uncles or aunts ( doctors, movie directors, musicians, painters, writers or professors ) were trying to get their ways through.

I know i miss them days

Me too.

This sent me back to my child hood and famiy dinners with my parents, grand parents, great grand parents, aunts, uncles, great aunts, uncles, cousins and anyone else that was family or who was thought of to be family

I hope these are good memories.

I have found this to be true

Yes so true.

I'm sooo hungry now!!!! Feed me too!<br />
What will you make me :) ?

Pasta. I hope you will like it.