Sense Of Value

Basically I like cooking. Cooking for my kids is the most rewarding house work I do for my kids. I get complented with enthusiasms
and always my honest critics. As seasons changes their kinds of foods also changes. How they're affected at school activities varies with their moods and appetites. That it's when I 'm challenged to cook foods that would make them smile. For my household cooking is a challenge and eating is a pleasure. I always encourage and teach my kids to try cooking simple dishes. And they develop sense of value. And it feels nice seeing them that way.
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Awww. I loved reading this....My mom is a great cook and she constantly shared with me how to do and make things. I LOVE cooking now too. Watching and sharing those moments with my mom was and is so special. Not only are you giving your kids the benefits of good nutrition.....You're feeding their happy little spirits with these times and making great memories for them.. Sometimes is the simplest acts that make the biggest differences... :)

That is so wise of her. Sharing to you what she knows benifits her. Anything that could benifit children should be shared/taught. They will know that everything can't be learned at school.

A Mom cooking for her children is a memory that the kids will carry for life. It is a place of comfort in their minds that will sooth them in the rough times and generally remind them of warmth, safety, and love.<br />
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My mother is a great cook and my grandmother who taught her was just as good. I managed to pick up a few skills and can cook cowboy cuisine (Open fire stuff) and one or two more civilized dishes. It amazes my dates that I can actually whip up a mean Beef Stroganoff. :)

Wow Rocky that something awesome to know about your private life. My mother isn't a good cook, but always prepared telling us stories, while we gather around her helping for the preparations. And it's just how I learnt to like preparing happily for my kids. You are fortunate to have developed the skill on your own. It's an asset, and a turn on indeed.

Cooking is a complicated thing for me. I am simple, but I love a great meal, or better yet, a feast! Lol...<br />
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I wish I had the skills which are necessary to really cook well. It would be a wonderful way to earn a living. Comestibles are indispensables, like car repair and health care. With long as you own your own are doing what you love. I'm sure that, like any job, if you are not doing what you want, in this case, if you are not preparing what you would like to make perfect, it must become just stultifying. It's the time that you think ahead, weighing one option against another, knowing what the results will be, that keep the mind engaged. Being a line cook must be as repetitive as being on the line in an auto plant.

Thank you so much BonVie for a nice thoughts. I love cooking but complicated cooking is not my style. Simple home-cooking. Nothing like a gourmet, but simple dishes that I thought of healthy/nutritous foods. I'm sure you can do that. And sure we all love feasts, bountiful foods. (^-^)

That sounds wonderful...and still more complicated than I usually get! Lol! If it takes more than opening a package...and maybe heating something up...I generally reserve it for when I have the urge to take on a "big project".

Alright, I guess that still describes most of the "big project" meals, too, even if it results in a pretty delectable meal, I'm just not doing things like mixing up bread from scratch. For me, cooking is like gardening and yard work...something that I would like to do, but am more likely to watch on TV, lol.