With A Glass Of Wine And Music....

All my family cook, and cook well. All my sisters, bar one, married excellent cooks so dinners at each others places are always looked forward to!
For me, cooking be it baking or the family meal is almost a meditation. I feel happy when I'm preparing food, I love all the colours, textures, smells. My daughter caught me eating the most delicious tomato this morning with my eyes closed and making appreciative noises, and by the look on her face she clearly thought her mother had lost it! Food is that good when you pay attention to it. Really.
The perfect evening for me starts by cracking open a bottle of red, popping on my latest musical whim and getting behind that bench and creating something beautiful - even if it's just a Thursday night curry for everyone else here - at least I'm havin fun!!
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1 Response Jun 20, 2012

I absolutely agree. I love relaxed, creative cooking. Where you don't know what you will be making in the beginning but the end result can be something amazing, even if it is something quite basic.