I Remember My First Time

I was never a person that into cooking, but my whole family is build with chefs of all source . My dad is a chef du partie in a hotel for years now , my sister toke cullinary arts and my mother is a wonderful homemaker that cook wonder food from different part of asia, then there is my loving grandfather who had passed away, but I still remember how much of a wonderful cook he is, his chinese food is amazing. I am talking about those authentic stuff not any of those things we get from take out places. I remember when i first got married and had to moved out on our own , that is when my cooking experiences started, don't know what got to me something seem to come natural. I thought I always is the useless chef and no hope in cooking compare to the rest of my family, but somehow once I start I got many good words on what i cook. Maybe I ain't a failure in cooking after all. hehe
Kutin Kutin
26-30, F
3 Responses Dec 12, 2006

Cooking runs in your blood. That is why you just took to it. What a lovely profession. I enjoy my cooking. But, started on a different career that is rewarding too. But, I wish I had taken up the chef route.

i am sorry ur grandfather ppassed away.i also remeber the first time i cookeed even though i am only 10. i haad ramen noodle, but anyway nice blogg.

please I would love to know if you have some turn over recipes.like taking left over spattgitti and turn it into sloppy joes.stuff of that nature.sort of what to do with left over chicken, beef,pork and stuff like that.would love to write a book and get a grant to publish it.I think this day and age we have to stop wasting food would use your name on your recipes. thanks for taking the time to read this