Im 12, One Of My Dreams Is To Become A Chef

I always used to watch my mom cook and season things,after a while of observing i noticed that cooking looked pretty awesome.. My mom said one day my sister and i would have to cook for ourselves, so my mom put me up to cooking simple things like ramen noodles in the microwave. What started my cooking stuff was seasoning things, they turned out to be so good... I even started to act like I have my own cooking show. (which i still act like I do) I am in love with cooking it is one of my natural highs. Now you can see me making scrambled eggs,bacon,baked chicken,pasta, and more... I love experimenting with my food, because if I do I think about how i can make a new recipe or even what food/taste goes with what.. I just love cooking!!!
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1 Response Jul 20, 2012

You go! Discovered your talents early on I see. Being a chef is a hard and often thankless job, but wow, are there rewards. Your mom is wonderful to encourage you to learn to cook. I can't tell you how many adults I know that don't know how to make any real food. I went to culinary school and would love to talk food with you. I'm the queen of workarounds and despise packaged food except for a few logical choices (coconut milk, tomatoes, clams, tuna, occasionally beans, and basic condiments.) I teach people all the time about cooking, and am a foodie, but not a food snob. If you would like, you can friend me :)

well I technically classify myself as a cook. To me, chefs run restaurants, manage food costs, and procure rare and awesome ingredients from local farms and artisan producers. I procure from the grocery store and farmers markets. I work my mojo at home, not in a restaurant-not anymore anyways. Call it what you like though. the creative process of a cook is the same as a chef :)

By packaged food I mean ready-made food that comes in a package-like top ramen, canned soups, pasta sauces, mac n cheese, brownie mix, etc.

By foodie, I mean a lover a food, but not stuck up about it. Some foodies get all freaky on technicalities, and how they think food is supposed to be prepared...blah, blah, blah, me...nah...there's lots of ways to do things in the kitchen :) Tonight I think I'm gonna whip up a roasted red pepper shrimp curry. gotta go to the store to procure some brussels sprouts, which are surprisingly awesome in this concoction. Cheers!

haha! you have to start somewhere! Most amazing cooks I know started with perfecting packaged foods. There is lots of room for improvement in these boxed things! Shrimp curry is a thai style dish with a coconut-milk based sauce, served with rice. it is a little spicy and very yummy. And the brussels sprouts? lol! I once despised them too, then something happened and I like them. lol, don't worry though, I never made it to the store and ended up throwing carrots and zucchini in my curry instead. Mushrooms were much the same deal. Used to make me gag, now I put 'em in everything :)

How about baking? What have you done with that?