One Of My Favorite Hobbies

I love to cook,anytime I could manage to have food in the house, Im usually the one cooking them.

Techniqcally Iv been cooking since I was two, I was so horrible, at that time. Imagine a two year old baby, calling herself making eggs and cheese, in the microwave, that she doesn't even know how to use it, let alone how to make eggs. What a mess!
Eventually by the time I was 5 I mastered on how to use the micorwave, until my mom taught me how to cook on the stove, at age six. Every year, I would learn new recipies, and made little meals for myself,than having my family try my food, in case they don't like it. By the time I was 10,my mom stop cooking for the family, and passed that role to me. My mom didn't like cooking anyway, and she trust me in the kitchen, which means that she had no worries.
Im truning 20 soon, and probrobly has cooked over 1000 meals, not only for my family, but for many other people, and many events, and ect.Throughout it all Im happy. I love to cook, and I know that Im good at it,and still excited for the fact that I still have long way to go,in cooking new food.
Eventhough I don't want to be a chef.
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until my marriage ended i had never cooked as i had a mum and then a wife to do it so when we split up i had to cook for myself i got some cook books on doing meals for one and after a some time i got to like it and now i do most of the cooking in my house i feel so good when a meal turns out ok

wow thats awesome! its good to hear when men cook, in my family the men are the best f cookers.