The Screaming Turkey~ A Funny Story

I'm a good cook. Naturally my family comes to my house for feasts & holiday meals. At this time my home was a modular home. The kitchen was divided by a counter that separated the livingroom from the kitchen. At the counter sat my sweetheart, my son, and my mom. I was busy with all the prep work for our Thanksgiving feast.The turkey was just about done. I needed to check on the bird. This was before those timer buttons that pop out when the turkey is done. I opened the oven and pulled my georgous turkey foward. I took my carving fork ~ just as the fork pearced the turkey chest.....The smoke alarm went off. It scared me so bad I threw the fork in the air and ran out of the kitchen. They told me my feet never touched the floor. After we all stopped laughing we were sorry we didn't record the event. The turkey was delicious and every Thanksgiving someone tells the story of moms SCREAMING TURKEY. It is a great funny memory and it really is true....ask my family :} mini
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4 Responses Oct 23, 2012

you post interesting stories...
short, concise and funny :)

Thank you for giving me such a good laugh--I needed it today! XD

As Mini's real sister, I can say THIS IS A TRUE STORY- It really happened.

Haha..... Cherish that funny, funny memory mini! Thanks for sharing, so cute! Oxo