Fried Turkey

one of my favorite ways to eat turkey is fried turkey. if youve never tasted it prepared that way you should. atleast once. ive had it that way a few times but i lack the equipment to cook it that way. i always bake it. this year i cut the wings and thighs off and froze them to have later. i have a small deep fryer for them. does anyone know about how long i need to leave the leg in for? i know a whole turkey takes a good 45-60 minutes or so to cook through. im thinking about 20 minutes should do it.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Concider; how hot is your oil, is the leg cold or room tempurture, how much oil are you using? A cold leg will drop the temp of the oil, the less oil you use the colder it will get when you drop in the turkey leg. With oil enough to surround and float the leg 20 or so minutes should do it. Do you have an instant read thermometer? Use it to check for doneness.

yeah i already tried it out. 20 minutes did the trick