Making A Living

There are only a few things I can do well. First thing is cooking, then gardening and the act of being a neat-nut!

I clean homes for my day job. I cook at a fine restaurant at night. And garden for the love of life.

On a busy night I have cooked, dished up, served ... up to 54 people in a three hour period. Now that is a get&go thingy! Got to love to cook to do that!
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I wish I was a better cook.:
And tidier
I can garden .. kind of .. cant get the mower started but ok at weeding and digging :)

My grandmother was my my mother, both were great cooks. For Christmas... I will start making my candies and cookies. This year I have a new chocolate thingy that comes with all the different molds. Something different to do for my ...goodies gifts. Can't wait to try it out. ...Hey.. I drive myself crazy with obsess over ...tidiness! You ain't missing out of

Wow that is a full day and then some of work how do you have any time to garden??

On my days off! ;-)

What kind of food do you make at this restaurant?? I love to cook also and always wanted to have a small restaurant but never took the leap!

Everything from steaks to pastas dishes to bread puddings. The place I work at has a large menu. Love it!