Chicken Corn Chowder

Tonight my son comes home for his turn with Mom. I'm making his current favorite for dinner, Chicken Corn Chowder. This has to be the most simple soup I've ever make, though it takes a while.

Boil chicken (bones, skin, meat & all); remove chicken from broth. Save broth and set chicken aside to cool.

Chop 2 scallions and as much fresh garlic as you like and sautee in 2 tsps of olive oil (spanish is really the best). Meanwhile, pull chicked off the bone and chop and add to the pot. Pour broth back into pot and add corn, carrots, potatoes and whatever other veggies you like.

Add pepper and salt.

Cover and simmer on low over night and add 2 TBSP's of half and half just before serving.

bmcinnis bmcinnis
36-40, F
Dec 4, 2012