I'm Just Sad I Dont Do It Enough

Ever since I flipped my first pancake as a child, I've always been in the kitchen. Being the oldest, it only made sense I was taught first and out of all my sisters I probably caught on the fastest and did it the best...no offense to them, tee hee. When I lived with my family and then with my friends I enjoyed cooking for them; I remember making my mom a two crispy and golden salmon patties with a dipping sauce and creamy grits, she remarked to me as she ate an old southern saying "you put your foot in this lessthanhero!" Its an odd saying but trust me, if someone tells you that, its a compliment. I remember when my ex came to visit me that I made him southern-style banana pudding and buttermilk fried chicken. I figured since he really never had proper food from the south (Canadian) that I'd introduce him to it. When everything was done, I had a hard time keeping him away from the food when it was freshly done, having to do the motherly hand smack to discourage him. I promised my mom some, but he loved it so much he almost ate everything- we finished the chicken in a night! But not before I saved some aside for my mom. He enjoyed it so much I made it again and sent him on the road with some. When he got home, he made it for himself and passed on my recipe to his friends and family.

Nowadays depression keeps me from doing it frequently, although one week I made authentic shrimp scampi with fresh linguini and shrimp from the farmer's market. Another week, sausage and kale soup and for dessert, good ol apple pie ala mode. And another, baked chicken parmesan with a crouton crust(ask me about it) which in my haste I undercooked lol. Living alone makes cooking big meals look silly, but I guess I see it as leftovers for the week. Anyway not much point, just rambling..I miss cooking.
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If I came to dinner what would you make?

Really depends on what food you liked.