I love to cook it relaxes me and it makes me feel good knowing that I have made something that other people enjoy :)
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How did you learn how to cook? What's your enchilada recipe, I'm curious. I suck at cooking but am really trying to learn.

I basically just kept trying until things started turning out tasting better haha. I learned that the longer you cook thing on lower heat the better they taste. I dont have a specific enchilada recipe it is mostly about the caramelized onions and homemade tomatillo sauce. If you learn to make caramelized onions it makes most things super delicious :)

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!

One thing that helps is to not be afraid to try new things. Cook simple to start. Learn to season your creations to liven them up. Start a collection of favorite recipes. And, most importantly... Have fun... :)

I make a baked chicken broccoli rice dish. Its one of those feel good foods.

what's your favorite dish to make?

enchiladas with home-made tomatillo sauce