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I hate trying to figure out what to cook for my kids. One is picky, the other has days she feels like somethings and days she feels like others...it's a challenge to cook something both will be happy with. I hate hearing the comments and seeing the looks on their faces if they get disappointed at what is cooked.
That is why I ask first, if there are any requests I cook those. If not, I just do what comes to me. Some days are hits, some are misses. It is a challenge when I don't feel for anything and they don't either. I often hear people who cook whatever and the kids have to eat it, no matter. It is easier, but we have never had a house like that. I have cooked two, and sometimes three different meals for dinner. LOL Im bad, I know!
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I was a picky eater as a child, myself. My dad's attitude was, "You eat what's put in front of you!"
But seeing how much food is wasted at school because kindergarten children don't get to choose what they eat, I think there's room for compromise rather than making three meals.
Here are some compromises you and your children might be able to work with:
1. Eat just one bite of everything on the plate. (This is just to be sure their nutritional needs are met.)
2. Let them help you plan meals and shop for ingredients. (This is great bonding time, especially if you let them look at grocery ads to see pictures and compare greater than/less than prices.)
3. If you want to serve cheeseburgers or certain fruits, give them cookie cutters and let them put cute shapes on their burger or eat fruit in cute shapes.
4. Let them help you make dinner. Even at their ages, they can still open a box of mac & cheese or roll the Pillsbury crescent rolls. (When kids have invested their time in making the meal, they're more likely to help eat it, too.)
5. Let them play with finger foods, such as grape tomatoes or baby-cut carrots, to make cute designs with their food before eating it. They could make animals or little men, so long as they actually ate the foods. :)
6. I use countable food, such as blueberries, for counting or subtraction activities at school. You could give them 10 blueberries, and then ask them to find out how many are left if they eat 3. Then keep this up until all the blueberries are gone. Sometimes, the kids never realize that they were doing math. :D
7. Have a "freebie Friday," in which you make a kid-friendly meal such as hot dogs. Then let them eat a junk-food "freebie" of something they like, such as potato chips. But be sure to serve them something nutritious but tasty, such as chocolate milk.

My Daughter was this way till she was 18 I was making Chef Salads and was going to cook her something she said Mom I like Salads now. Have not had to make any diff. meals since.

Yes, that's what happened with my oldest who is 17. I just have to deal with the 12 year old now. :)

You can choose what is for dinner but not how much they will eat. Don't bend too often or else they will expect it.

Eating is a marathon, not a sprint. If they don't eat, no one is going to die. And when they are hungry, they will eat.

It's too late, they are 17 and 12, I have trained them to expect what they want! LOL

Oh well . . . ;)

Holy sh*t! Two or three meals? Have you never heard the phrase that is a requirement to say to your kids "You'll eat it and like it! There are starving kids in China that would kill to have that food!"

My son is picky. I sat down next to him one time for forty-five minutes because he wouldn't even try some dish or other. I sat there and wouldn't let him move until he took one bite. lol.

So what happened with your son...it didn't help did it?! LOL
I know, it's a lot...we all have different tastes and diets...

No, he's still a picky eater, but when I tell him he has to try something you can bet your *** he tries at least one bite now! LOL.

It was pretty awful. He was crying the whole time and my wife was glaring daggers at me, but I couldn't back down. I told him he had to take a bite and if I let him get away without doing it a pattern would have been set in place where he would know that if he cried loud enough I'd give in. That ain't happenin'! :)

We have had a couple historical incidents of this too. LOL My oldest was forced by her father of course, to eat broccoli once and another time spinach, okra, all the green ones! LOL It was truly an awful moment at dinner....I felt like hitting him! :) He tortured her! She was crying and gagging, it was horrible...we all laugh about it now,, but it still bothers me how he did it.

You're an awesome mom! I don't have kids so I don't know what it's like to have to cook for them but growing up in my house it was always "this is what's for dinner. Eat it or eat nothing. "

Im sure most people live like that.